Goodnight Baby Elixir Spray 30ml


Calming like a chamomile tea with a touch of sweet orange and lavender. Goodnight baby is like liquid gold for the mind, body and spirit. Soothing and relaxing essential oils and flower essences that support your little one to let go of the day's adventures. Massaging their little precious feet before they go to bed has a very grounding effect and the benefits are plentiful. It is also a beautiful way to connect and bond using the power of your touch. Massaging allows the blend to soak in and work its magic making them feel safe, calm, secure and loved.

AFFIRMATION: "You are safe, secure and always loved."

TO USE: For 3 months and over simply place a few drops into the palm of your hand rub together and begin to gently massage into your Bubba’s little feet. For newborns 1 drop into the palm of your hands, rub together to warm and disperse and gently place your hands on the bottom of their feet.
Please note: this blend is not just for babies but for big Babe’s too. If you consider yourself a Babe then get massaging, especially after a long day of work. Nighty night.
GOODNIGHT BABY serene propertiesLavender, Sweet Orange and Chamomile combined with gem and flower essences. Blended in 100% Organic Jojoba oil, and bathed in an ancient mantra for deep healing from start to seal. 

All Hanako Therapies Baby range essential oil products are at  1% dilution, making it safe for your baby. 

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