P.F. Candle Co

Sunbloom Room Spray

$20 $40

Brighten up any space with a spritz of room spray from P. F. Candle Co. 

These room & linen sprays are perfect for creating a relaxing environment at home or away and can be used on linens, furniture, apparel, and more.

Day-tripping in the desert, spring’s first bloom, infinite blankets of kaleidoscopic wildflowers. Sunbloom is warm and dreamy, perfect for lovers of soft botanicals with a little spice.

Fill your space with notes of golden-rayed lily, yarrow, and tonka bean.
This is floral, creamy, and a touch spicy. 

Each amber glass bottle contains spring water sourced from Mt. Shasta, and a blend of body-safe fine fragrance oils.

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